When We Were Kings

After a 5 year break from a turbulent 15 year career of music and mayhem, Scott Sorry has released his very first solo album “When We Were Kings” which pulls influences from punk and melodic hardcore, Americana and Rock and Roll.

"I decided to write and release a record about redemption and recovery" said Scott "about looking yourself in the mirror and making right with all your wrongs. It's about knowing in your core that you’re a maniac, but that you’ve got a family who depends on you to keep your head together.  It’s about coming to terms with the fact that you owe a few apologies.."

Although being too personal to release under a band name, Scott was still able to assemble an incredible collection of musicians for the album to help pull off the sound he was looking for. Scott enlisted the help of long time friend and “Sorry and The Sinatras” bass player Roger Segal, Drummer L.T.K., and Guitar player Andy Watts to help bring the record to life.

Though all with varying backgrounds, each player complimented each other perfectly. The album was recorded at Halo Studios in Windham, Maine with Jonathan Wyman at the desk.

"When We Were Kings is the best sounding record I feel I've ever played" Scott concludes "Every song is a letter, every song has a purpose and every song has it's own character. It’s honest, it’s barky, and I couldn’t be more proud of it."

When We Were Kings is released through Only One Records on March 18