August 9th 2015

Location - Sorry House - Gorham, ME 

So, it’s been a week since I went down to Philly to meet with the guys. Literally a 72 hour whirlwind of a trip. Made the 411 mile drive from my house in Maine to my mom’s house in Allentown, PA on Thursday night in just under 8 hrs. It’s the first time I’ve made the trip without the wife and kids in tow so I was able to listen to whatever I wanted as loud as I wanted. Almost blew the speakers listening to Crowbar, Black Flag, and Torche then finished the drive with Drive By Truckers and Sinatra. I always get the urge to listen to Sinatra when passing through N.Y.C. at night. Funny that.  

Anyway, Friday We got started straight away tightening up all the material we had worked on back in April. One flaw in living some 400 odd miles away from your close friends and band mates is how quick the time passes between sessions. We picked up right where we left off however, and played til we physically and legally could not play anymore.  

Saturday, we mic’d the room and just started pre-production. We recorded the skeletal rhythm tracks of the first 6 songs. Our good buddy Richie Riot showed up while we were recording the final tracks and filmed us.  

So, to give you just a taste of some of the material you can expect on the record we are going to give you guys that Video. It’s for a song called ReWired.  

By the time we recorded this my voice was shot and I was only singing enough for cues. It’s raw and unpolished and I love that. It will show you the progression from skeleton to finished and all the steps in between.  

Next week I’m headed back down to work on more songs and lay some vocal tracks. Expect to hear some more new shit. Onwards and Upwards ya’ll. 

Scotty X


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