July 19th 2015

Date: July 19th                 
Location - Sorry House - Gorham, Me    

So I’ve been getting a lot of people asking me what the record sounds like and what it’s about. I figured since I’m sitting here editing lyrics I’d take a few minutes to fill you in.. 

So let’s see..where to begin.. 

I’m a fucking mainiac. It’s my nature. If there was ever some kind of shit going down I’d usually find myself knee deep in it ...if not the cause. I don’t have “SORRY” tattooed across the front of my throat for being a sensible and level headed dude. Once upon a time having that disposition worked well for me. Living in a van, touring around god knows where, sleeping on the top of poorly stacked equipment, playing for dinner money, getting the dinner money and spending it on things that made you not want to eat or sleep anyway..that way of life suited me very well and I was really good at it. Even when I had got to the point where I didn’t have to slum it anymore and traded the van for a bus..I was a glorious fuck up. It’s what I knew, it’s what I wrote about, it’s what came natural. The seedy side of life. I loved it. 

Then all of the sudden everything changed. I’d been living in England basically estranged from my family when my wife (then ex-girlfriend) sent me an email letting me know that my son was in the process of getting diagnosed with Autism. Reading that email changed something in me instantly. It was like I’d been living in a fog and that fog immediately blew away. I closed down the computer, got on the phone with the guys in both bands (The Wildhearts and The Sinatras), and quit. I quit everything.  

I got on the phone with my father who was pretty much the only person in my family who hadn’t written me off and arranged to stay with him in Cleveland to dry out. Less than a week later I’d left England and music all together and headed back to the states to sort my shit out. I flew to Cleveland and stayed with Poppa Sorry for about a month. My old man has this saying..”Been there. Done that.” and he really has. We basically spent a month telling stories and getting to know each other again. I also spent that entire month reconnecting with my wife and kid. I was fueled by the conversations with my dad to get home and make things right. I’m from a pretty broken home and didn’t know my real dad til I was about 15. I’d started seeing how growing up that way had helped shape who I was and how i was repeating the same circle of mistakes with my own family. So, after the shakes stopped, I got back on a plane and headed up to New Hampshire to reunite with my wife and kid and do the right thing for once.  

That was six years ago and these have been the best six years of my life. That being said, it’s still a struggle. It’s not like you wake up a Saint one day. I’m still nuts. Now I just have no room for error. I still have demons I have to face, I still have this bastard depression that likes to rear it’s bastard head ever so often..  Only now I can’t just skip town and take a handful of drugs to deal with it. I’ve got to be a role model for the two little boys that wake me up every morning asking for cereal. THAT’S what the record is about. Those struggles. Keeping your shit together..and how fucking hard it can be. Also, missing the family I had on the road. I miss the shit out of those guys. The Wildhearts and The Sinatras are my brothers and I miss them dearly..but sometimes life takes you one way when it takes others another. 

So now I’m going to get back to finishing these lyrics. I’ve got a lot of work to do. In two weeks I head to Phily to meet up with the band. I’m going to be giving you daily updates and videos from the trip. I can’t wait to get back home for a couple nights. I never thought I’d miss my hometown this much, but I guess I never thought a lot of things.  

Take care ya’ll.  
Onward and Upward. 

Scotty X

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