June 4th 2015

June 4th         
Location - Sorry House - Gorham, ME 

As you may have noticed things have been pretty quiet around here for the last couple months and I just wanted to write a blog to fill you in on a couple things.  

First of all, the songs are actually coming along better than we imagined. They sound huge. Even bigger than they did in my head. Roger and Larry are proving to be an amazing team to write with. When we’ve been able to get together it’s pretty electric and it’s definitely showing in the progression of the music.  

Unfortunately, I’ve had a couple family related issues and setbacks that have made it hard for me to meet with the guys as much as we had originally anticipated. These things were completely unforeseen and demanded immediate attention. That being said, we seem to be coming through it now and the guys and I are planning the final stages of pre-production before we pack up and head into the studio.  

We are going to be releasing a couple rough demos to give you guys a taste of what we’ve been up to along with more in depth videos and conversations with the band. The next sessions will be back in the old stomping grounds of Philadelphia. I’m really excited to head home for this one. One thing about Phily is you never know who’s gonna show up or what you’re going to get into, but I can guarantee you guys will be in on all of it… well… most of it.. 

I really want to thank you all for being part of this. It means the world to the band and I and inspires us to make this record the best it can be.  

Now, with all that said, I’m off to clean a house that my boys have destroyed. It’s payback. It really fucking is. Every Time I had smashed up a hotel room with Dunc, or been banned from a car park..for actually trashing the car park..also with Dunc..All those things have come back full circle and kicked me in the ass. No one can trash a room like my kids. No one. But more on that later… 

Thank you all again and I look forward to talking to you soon.. 

Onwards and Upwards.  

Scotty X

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